Introducing ...
 Wrist      Rascal ®  

Just hook the Wrist Rascal under the neck and you are ready to begin!


The Wrist Rascal brings the body of the instrument to the developing young hand, preparing it correctly from the get-go!

Each violin size had to be carefully measured representing the distance from first position to third position. Every Wrist Rascal is sized to that distance, hence bringing the feeling of third position (and the violin body that comes along with it!) to first position. The final size of each rascal needed to be just slightly under this first to third position measurement. This is due to the increasing spacing between notes in first position. As one travels up the fingerboard the distance between notes gradually becomes closer together so a small adjustment was made to be a little more forgiving to the developing hand, yet still highly effective.

One extremely important element is that the wrist is able to bend and that the Wrist Rascal wrist being locked. This should be avoided.

The wrist should always feel naturally straight and flexible. Again, similar to the feeling of being in third position. The Rascals have been designed to fit the various sized instruments so make sure your student is using an instrument that is appropriate for his/her size.