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 Wrist      Rascal ®  
"Paul Reynolds' Wrist Rascals are a fantastic tool for developing proper hand position, perhaps the single most crucial element of a solid left-hand technique. Highly recommended!
- James Ehnes, Concert Violinist
Build a Strong Foundation
  • Corrects collapsed, "pancake or pizza-pan" wrist.
  • Trains the 4th finger to stretch up to the correct placement.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the hand, specifically the too often neglected front portion responsible for keeping the 3rd and 4th fingers over the fingerboard.
  • Comfortable. Simply a foreshadowing of the hand being closer to the body as it will be when shifting begins.
  • The Wrist Rascal is a training device that should be used on and off, as with any other training tool, so that it doesn't become a crutch.  
  • A great violin wrist practice aid!

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